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Data privacy is of high importance for The Ceiling. This page provides customers and website visitors with the necessary information concerning the way The Ceiling collects, processes and makes use of personal information. This privacy policy applies to the services of (hereinafter: “The Ceiling”). The Ceiling is the controller of the personal data submitted to this website and responsible for guarding these personal data under applicable data protection law. The company respects the privacy of all the visitors/users of its website and ensures that all personal information given to them will be treated in a strictly confidential manner.

How we use the collected data
The Ceiling requests personal information like name and (email) address to execute orders. Any additional information may be requested for (demographic) research purposes and/or (online) marketing purposes. Collected data is stored on a security server owned by The Celing or by a contracted third party.

All email conversations between The Ceiling and customers, third parties, and website visitors will be stored. Sometimes The Ceiling asks for additional personal information, if relevant to its purpose or beneficial to its operations. Collected data is stored on a security server owned by The Ceiling or by a contracted third party.

The Ceiling collects data for research purposes, to get a better insight in their client demographics in order to tailor their services/products. This website uses cookies, a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in a user’s web browser while the user is browsing the website. Every time the user loads the website, the browser sends the cookie back to the server to notify the website of the user’s previous activity. The information gathered by the cookie will be stored on the security server of The Ceiling or by a contracted third party. The Ceiling uses this information to see how customers/visitors use the website and to make reports on website activity in order to offer other services and products related to their activity on the internet.

The Ceiling collects and uses this information for no other purposes than described in their private policy unless they have received permission to do otherwise.

Third parties
The Ceiling will not provide your data to other parties*. In some cases personal data will be confidentially shared internally.
*The Ceiling reserves the right to assign or pledge to third parties any claim(s)
for payment which have arisen in connection with the purchase and/or delivery.

This privacy policy is tuned to the current status of the website. adjustments or changes on the website can lead to changes in the privacy policy. The Ceiling advises customers/visitors to read this privacy policy on a regular basis.

Personal data options
The Ceiling offers all visitors the possibility to look at, to change or to delete personal data which has been provided to them. In the case of adjustments and removal from the newsletter: at the bottom of all newsletters receivers will find the possibility to adjust their personal data or to delete their information/subscription. If customers would like to alter their personal data or to remove these from all The Ceiling files, please send an email to

Switch off cookies
Most browsers are set up to accept cookies but it is possible to set up a browser to refuse cookies or send a notification when a cookie is being sent to you. It is however possible that some services and functions on the website and on other websites do not function properly when cookies are switched off.

Questions and feedback
The Ceiling checks on a regular basis if they comply with the current privacy policies. For any questions regarding The Ceiling’s privacy policy, please send an email to

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