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Serving nostalgic staples to modern wardrobes.

The Ceiling was founded by Charon Cooijmans: a former model who spent most of her spare time thrifting the finest vintage delights that Paris and New York had to offer. Back in Amsterdam, she created a destination where vintage fashion gems (the kind you’d only find after fervently digging or endlessly scrolling) can be savoured in an enticing shopping experience. 

The Ceiling is a digital and physical world (read: an e-commerce space and showroom) serving a curated selection of luxury vintage, as well as inspiration. Pieces are hand-picked with attention to quality, appreciation for detail, knowledge of fashion history and a touch of sprezzatura (a certain studied nonchalance). The Ceiling is for those who revel in the subtle pleat of an Issey Miyake top, a nautical reference on a Prada skirt or the sharp shoulders of a shoulder-padded Thierry Mugler jacket. It’s meant as a nostalgic treasure trove for modern wardrobes. 100% slow fashion, these pieces demand to be cherished for years. 

To Charon Cooijmans, The Ceiling isn’t just about selling extraordinary vintage pieces, but about studying them, curating them, telling their stories and understanding its wearers. Cooijmans takes that experience in sourcing, archiving and curating - as well as a wide network of connections, and offers it to the next generation of brands and individuals. 

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