Creativity can be sourced from a single silhouette, ideas can be found in one surprising weave and a single detail can become an endless source of reference. 

With 15 years of experience in various fields of fashion, founder and curator of The Ceiling, Charon Cooijmans brings expertise and knowledge in circular fashion and durable design in the following services for brands, agencies, magazines and platforms. 


RESEARCH AND SOURCING: The starting point for high quality and durable designs, by personal (vintage) research and sourcing for collection inspiration.

COLLECTION CONSULTANCY: Turning ideas into valuable products, working the entire design thinking process—from research, conceptualizing to prototyping.

CURATION: (Vintage) collection curation and collaborations for unqiue storytelling and retail purposes.

CREATIVE DIRECTION: Building a strong brand idenity by conceptualizing exclusive products, projects and collections.


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