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JW Anderson x Wellipets
JW Anderson x Wellipets

From JW Anderson’s frog clogs to Raey’s safari shorts. It’s an unusual start to the year, as Charon is planning her big move to South Africa and searches for the ideal tropical wardrobe. Which proves to be quite a challenge for someone who prefers for fall layers and darker colors.

Stephanie has mentioned that she often buys winter coats in the summer. However, my brain is not wired in the same way. For me, there needs to be a sense of weather-related urgency. Yet, as I prepare to move to South Africa with my partner and 2-year-old son, I now find myself shopping for summer clothes in the midst of winter. Figuring out what to wear in 28-degree weather amid the current cold and rain feels like a bit of a style puzzle.

So, how does one approach this wardrobe transition? Having predominantly invested in autumn and winter items while living in the Netherlands, fall has always been my preferred fashion season – the one I effortlessly comprehend. My go-to winter look involves the signature Toteme shearling coat or the Filippa K Tailored coat (currently on sale for 465EUR), paired with Dries van Noten Carpenter jeans. This ensemble is complemented by an Extreme Cashmere cardigan (on sale), my Chelsea tabi, and the Ferragamo hobo bag. Now, the real challenge lies in translating my fall weather style into a summer uniform. It demands a whole different approach to putting looks together, as summer dressing is less about layering and more about embracing lightness and accessorizing. Given my usual preference for darker colors, I'm contemplating whether to stick with them or explore more colorful options.

In contemplating my upcoming transition to a sunnier setting, only a few items come to mind from my current wardrobe: my Tippex white ballerina tabi (I’m also crushing on the tabi ballerina pump version), the Toteme gray T-shirt, SC103 silver shoulder bag purchased at Carmen Amsterdam, and a collection of vintage oversized men's shirts and accessories gathered over the years. Beyond these staples, it feels like starting anew. The challenge extends beyond the existential question of rediscovering my identity in a warmer climate; it also carries an element of unpredictability. While on vacation, I consistently gravitate towards two particular looks, yet I always remain uncertain in advance about what those looks will be.

While I should be busy selling my furniture and getting organized for the big move, I’ve been scrolling endlessly to crack the code of summer dressing. Lo and behold, I believe I've finally nailed it.

Not being much of a skirt person, I anticipate shorts becoming my new go-to bottoms. The Fidan Novruzova Giada shorts captured my attention a while ago. As a young girl, I used to wear Umbro soccer shorts, an oversized t-shirt, and a choker/necklace on repeat. That's precisely the look I would go for today, perhaps paired with an open shoe, the tabi rain boots or the bespoke Fidan Novruzova havva cropped bootsAnother set of shorts destined for sunny days are the (very safari) Raey giant pocket shorts, currently on sale for 78EUR.

For now, focusing on beach essentials – the timeless Matteau triangle bikini, known to sell out every summer (Stephanie does have a point, after all). Also eyeing this chic swimsuit from Lido; wouldn't mind the bandeau version in off-white either.

JW Anderson X Wellipets Frog clogs. They're so much fun and instantly elevate casual jeans (like these light blue Y/Project fold-over jeans currently on sale), paired with a tank top. Bonus: they'll transition seamlessly with socks in the fall. It looks like I might have just persuaded myself. Last summer, these The Row's strap-heeled sandals topped my wishlist and my budget. Good news: they're on sale now.

Looking for a summer bag that will last longer than a season, I suddenly crave The Row Idaho bag in cotton or in leatherAnother dream addition is the silver Lady Dior bag and silver Ferragamo Wanda mini bag (also in micro version), both statement pieces worthy of their own seat on the plane.

Still on the hunt for the perfect summer dress. I'll report back on this topic in a month or two, just in time for the European sun, after I've mastered the art of warm weather dressing.

For those embracing winter mode, we updated our Wardrobe with new arrivals. On a side note, as it’s January, it's the ideal moment to share some exciting plans. We kicked off the year with a personal styling gig, and we're thrilled to announce that we're now open to more personal styling clients. Don't hesitate to reach out to us at

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