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 90’s Ferragamo cow-printed motorjacket
90’s Ferragamo cow-printed motorjacket

It’s finally here! Introducing our latest vintage batch, focusing on what we call 'highlights' this time. The missing puzzle pieces in a wardrobe, each possessing transformative powers capable of redirecting an outfit, if not an entire wardrobe. These items give us life and make us want to dress up and leave the house.

This batch consists only of six carefully curated vintage designer pieces. Our core principle is that both of us need to want to keep the items for ourselves. Because of that, 99 percent of the pieces we encounter don't make the cut, as either one of us exercises our veto. Trust us when we say that separation anxiety has already set in, particularly after the shoot, witnessing how effortlessly these designs enhance any look.

Let's delve into the six stars of this edit. 2024 is poised to be the year of the belt, not just because of Prada—leading the charge in their SS24 women’s show and recent mens, showcasing a cacophony of belts (not just on the clothes, on bags too). Charon, our vintage-sourcing maven (she initiated this hobby during her off-duty moments in New York and Paris while modeling), sourced three exceptional belts. First, a black Loewe leather belt that could easily have resided in Maryam Nassir Zadeh's closet. Then, there’s a Dries Van Noten masterpiece—two belts attached—capable of transforming any winter coat, blazer, or white shirt from mundane to captivating. The third belt, a Prada peplum runway piece from the Fall/Winter 2008 show, marries ballerina elegance with sporty flair. A versatile piece that not only adds an intriguing layer to a basic uniform of a tank top and wool trousers but also complements dresses, skirts, and more avant-garde looks.

Image 1: DRIES VAN NOTEN Dark brown sword belt, worn with a black coat (similar here) and grey wool trousers (try TOTEME on sale). Image 2: PRADA 2008 Peplum black belt, worn with black wool trousers (FILIPPA K Julie trousers are the best investment). Image 3: LOEWE Torero black belt, worn with SAKS POTTS Benedicte pants (alternative here and here)

Moving onto the three garments we sourced. By now, we're pretty sure you've spotted the 1990’s Mugler faux leather jacket with the furry black collar. For today’s batch, we've found another identical piece to the one we sourced and sold a few years ago. Besides being quintessentially ugly-chic, this Mugler garment perfectly embodies the identity and essence of The Ceiling, compelling us to include it in our edit once again.

Vintage MUGLER Faux leather blazer, COMME SI La boxer classic, LE MONDE BERYL Ballet flats and MAISON MARGIELA Khaki four stitches gloves

Made in France, this blazer jacket not only features Mugler's famous signature hourglass silhouette but also showcases his innovative use of PVC. Throughout Thierry Mugler’s fashion career (from 1974 to 2002, with a return in 2013 as a creative advisor, leaving retirement to work on special projects until his passing at the age of 73 in 2022), he was renowned for his avant-garde fabrication techniques and materials like PVC, glass, faux fur, vinyl, latex, and chrome. It could be considered a wonder that we found this precious piece twice, but the true miracle is that we can part with it for the greater good—twice (though not completely painless). Stephanie styled it with her trusty knee-high tabi boots and jeans, but Charon envisions dressing it down with Comme Si pyjama trousers and ballerinas with socks.

90s MUGLER Faux Leather Blazer with detachable shearling collar

Obviously we’re still under the spell of Ferragamo, irresistibly drawn to incorporating yet another Ferragamo gem into this edit. Enter a straight motorbike jacket cut, but with a twist—crafted from cow-printed pony hair, designed by Wanda Ferragamo in the '90s. Wanda, Salvatore's wife, took over the reins after her husband's passing in 1960. We've always had a thing for cowhide, and this print, with its sleek silver hardware, adds a touch of chic and coolness (we're pretty sure gold hardware would give it an old-school vibe). Honestly, when it comes to leather mastery, Ferragamo is in a league of its own, especially with that silver hardware – seriously unrivaled.

90’s FERRAGAMO Cow-printed motorbike jacket, BALENCIAGA X ADIDAS track pants, DU CIEL Petite Nuage string and ALAÏA Small ‘Le Teckel’ bag

Speaking of leather, the final piece in this edit is an '80s Celine leather dress in pristine condition. It exudes utter chicness from the front with a straight neckline, complemented by a subtle yet unexpected slit that extends up to the right thigh and a deep open back. As the unconventional belle of the ball – precisely the vibe we were aiming for – this dress leaves us pondering: Who bought it? Who has worn it? And, most importantly, where to?

Stephanie wearing '80s CELINE black leather dress and knee-high tabi boots

Our highlights edit comes to an end here (for an overview, explore the Wardrobe).  Don’t hesitate to comment or contact us if you have any additional questions about one of these pieces. We're also open to suggestions for our next vintage drop—more bags, jewelry, swimwear, or any other ideas you may have!

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