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Silver highlighting
Silver highlighting

Talking about our collective obsession: silver. And we’re making a case for loud budgeting, the new quiet luxury according to Gen Z.

But first, we need to talk about what’s on our minds (and in our online shopping baskets): silver. This obsession has transcended mere hardware details, as highlighted in our first newsletter dedicated to Maximilian Davis' Ferragamo. Over the past few months, the silver fever has evolved from adorning bags to gracing entire garments. Examples range from the Maison Margiela Broken Mirror tabi (these siler Aeyde and Proenza Schouler ballet flats make a pretty good case too) to iconic bags like the Ferragamo Wanda, Ferragamo Hobo, and Gucci Horsebit. The timing is intriguing; the holiday season is behind us; however, our gaze is fixed on Spring. Why the enduring allure of silver, and why now more than ever? Technically a metallic, silver, when used as a small part of your outfit, can be considered a neutral color. Its versatility allows it to seamlessly blend with whites, blacks, and grays, adding a touch of fun to any ensemble— a bit of business at the front, party at the back. Quite literally the case with these Margiela jeans (more sizes available here). 

Plus, a more season-appropriate obsession: gloves. The loyal reader may have already noticed that our digital Wardrobe is full of chic gloves in fun colors and textures, like these red tulle Margiela and brown Ann Demeulemeester (see al of them here). Not to contradict ourselves, but yes, gloves; we love them even more as part of a look, sans coat, that is. Exhibit A: Stephanie is wearing the vintage MaxMara gloves she bought on Vestiaire Collective (similar here) with a Phoebe Philo era Céline shirt (pre-loved here), Closed jeans, Maison Margiela Glam Slam bag, and Khaite Berlin sandals (similar here).

A: See above, B: Stephanie wearing MAISON MARGIELA Leather gloves last summer in Paris. Style in winter with a Grey inside-out sweater from FILIPPA K, The FILIPPA K Julie trousers (a true winner!) and THE ROW Drawstring bag


Loud Budgeting 

Our recent newsletter, highlighting the best buys of 2023, has me, Stephanie, contemplating 2024. Typically, I take a comprehensive look at my wardrobe only at the start of a new year. Now, don't get me wrong—I'm all about thoughtful purchases. I scrutinize my closet to identify what's still missing and seek out the chicest, longest-lasting, and most versatile additions. The problem is, I tend to do this with my monthly budget in mind instead of my yearly budget. I can’t believe I'm confessing this, but let’s just pretend for a moment that I'm investing approximately 500 euros per month in clothes (I'll reveal the real number when I summon the courage). I plan how to allocate that budget at the beginning of each month. Yet, what I need to do is rewire my brain and consider my yearly budget: 12 x 500 equals 6000 euros. I know it's the same money, but why does thinking about a monthly budget of 500 versus a yearly one of 6K lead to different wardrobe decisions? When I think of 500, it's jeans, a wool blazer, or a pair of sunglasses. But when I see a budget of 6000 in front of me, I suddenly envision investing in a watch—a desire I’ve had for years.

The Serpenti Tubogas watch in stainless steel has been at the top of my list for ages. The classic stainless steel and yellow gold Panthère de Cartier is also a dream piece. There's also a lesser-known vintage model, like the beautiful Chanel yellow gold with strings of pearls as a strap I found on Vestiaire Collective. It sold for 4K; that could have been me if I had loudly budgeted in 2023. 'Loud budgeting' is a term coined by TikTok creator Lukas Battle. According to him, it’s the new quiet luxury. He explains that it’s not about not having enough; it's about what you don't want to spend. It's the feeling of coming out of the situation winning. Two years ago, I loudly budgeted without being aware of it and saved to buy my vintage black Hermès Kelly from the 60s. I wear it every single week, a bag I’ll never get tired of. I love looking at bigger investments in terms of price per wear. However, we should also consider the cost per not-wearing of bad buys. How much money did we spend on ill-fitting jeans before finding the one?

Another option could be splitting my year's budget in half: putting 3K in savings for my dream watch, ensuring I have 3K to spend on missing items in my wardrobe for this year, such as a new swimsuit. I’ve owned the classic Toteme monogram swimsuit for years, and it's still a staple for every holiday. However, I would love to add a more playful pair to my collection. I’ve been admiring Dilara Findikoglu’s corseted swimsuit in black, and I'm also drawn to Christopher Esber's '90s-inspired, non-boring swimwear (top here and bottom here). I am aware winter has officially just started, but now is the time to buy swimwear because, as Charon pointed out last week, by the time you actually need one, the best options will have already sold out (we’re talking about you, Matteau).

Not going to lie, writing this feels like a double-edged sword. On one hand, it reinforces my commitment to long-term wardrobe goals and saving. On the other hand, I can't seem to shake this bag from my thoughts. To be continued.

P.S.: Our second vintage batch is almost here! See you next week.

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